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Rachel & Brook

My first Doula experience with my daughter and grand daughter. What a wonderful experience for all of us.

Brooke & mommy

I love to watch her grow and learn. Here she is 3 months old.

Selena Birth 8-22 Csection carry baby2

My first client had an unplanned C-Section after her labor stalled.

Selena Birth 8-22 Mar cuts cord

Dad was unable to be in the operating room so mom wanted me to take over the honor of cutting the cord.

Selena Birth 8-22 mom & baby1

Mom and baby meeting for the first time.

Selena Birth 8-22 Dad & baby

Dad and baby skin to skin while mommy was still being sewn up.

Pam before pushing1

10 cm and ready to push!

grandmas & Mar

What an amazing experience to see Grandma and Great Grandma witness this birth.

Pam & Gracie skin to skin

Mom and baby


A happy Doula gets to hold baby

mom dad Gracie

A beautiful family

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